Intellectual formation of each student includes all aspects of mental development keeping in mind her/his capacities, talents, home situation and opportunities for studies. Besides the classroom work, the pupils are encouraged to do library research.

The curriculum consists of: Value Education, English, Science, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Social Studies, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Socially Useful Productive work, Drawing & Singing.

Examinations and results:

  1. Besides the terminal and final examination, there are the unit tests conducted regularly. Students should pass in English, Malayalam, Mathematics, Science and attain a satisfactory standard in other prescribed subjects at the examination and of the work done during the year.
  2. Parent-teacher meeting and open day are used for sharing our vision and to discuss the academic progress of the child which can be more effectively done on an individual
  3. No examination will be held before or after the time fixed for the
  4. Pupils should submit a medical certificate along with the leave letter if they are ill during Non payment of fees shall debar a pupil from sitting for any examination.
  5. Promotions are decided at the staff Hence, results are final and cannot be reconsidered.

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)

Auxilium School is affiliated to the prestigious Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi

The Council conducts two examinations:

  1. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) at the end of class X
  2. The Indian School Certificate (ISC) at the end of class

Internal Assessment: Candidates for the examination are required to have completed satisfactorily courses in:

  1. A third language from at least Class V to Class VIII (Internal Assessment)
  2. Art (Internal Assessment)
  3. Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service (Internal Assessment)
  4. Education in Moral and Spiritual